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Sex Addiction Treatment


There are two types of professional, specialized treatment available: out-patient treatment and in-patient treatment.

Basically out-patient treatment entails going to a psychotherapy office for regular appointments with a psychotherapist, or to a psychotherapy program where a range of psychotherapy services is conducted on a weekly basis. In addition, out-patient treatment can be obtained in what is called Intensive Out-Patient Treatment Programs (IOPís), which provide concentrated, comprehensive day-long treatment extending over one to two weeks or longer. For more detailed information about out-patient treatment, click here. To go directly to a list of psychotherapists who specialize in treating sex addiction, click here.

In-patient treatment involves taking time off from oneís regular life and staying for a prescribed number of weeks in a facility that provides a typically 8-hour daily treatment regimen. In-patient differs from an out-patient in that medical staff are available, the treatment team is larger, and work is both concentrated and intense. While in-patient treatment usually takes place in a medical setting, facilities specializing in treating sexual addiction generally do not look like the typical hospital and are much more comfortable and retreat-like. For a more detailed description of in-patient treatment click here. For a list of some specialized in-patient programs with brief descriptions of their services and links to their websites, click here.